Agro 4.0: Perspective of AI in the Colombian agricultural sector

Digital transformation and sustainability

In February 2024, Yeapp developed the “Technical talk: Exploring advances in AI and cybersecurity for the agro sector”. In this blog we share memories of the event and explore how artificial intelligence is transforming agriculture in Colombia. From process optimization to early pest detection, AI offers innovative solutions that improve productivity and sustainability in the field. 


Introduction to ChatGPT

Practical tips to improve your prompts

Explore the origin of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool created by OpenAI that has transformed the way we interact online. Discover how it has evolved and put into practice the tips to have effective conversations with this innovative technology. 


The artificial intelligence revolution: beyond the uncertainty of unemployment

Generative AI challenges and predictions for 2024

Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence in 2023 and predictions for 2024: from the evolution of generative AI to ethical and regulatory challenges, this article analyzes the current and future landscape of artificial intelligence, highlighting its transformative potential in different sectors and its influence on society. 


Unlocking the power of data

A journey towards understanding data science

From data selection to prophetic vision of the future, from transforming raw data into works of art to ensuring informed and ethical decisions, each phase of our exploration highlights an essential component of data science. 


Yeapp: Transforming technology to prioritize people.

Humans over Technology

In this dizzying technological landscape, where innovation is the norm, Yeapp emerges as a beacon that stands out not only for its advanced solutions but also for a bold philosophy that redefines the relationship between technology and humanity. Founded in 2021, our company has carved a distinct path, where the complexity of engineering merges with the simplicity of enhancing people's lives.


Yeapp: An alliance based on trust and innovation

Two years of success and technological transformation

In August 2023, Yeapp celebrated two years of founding. Gabriel Rengifo, CTO and Co-Founder of Yeapp tells us about his career, how the company was born, the evolution that the company has had during these years and the vision and objectives for the future.