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Transforming business decision making

The power of Microsoft Power BI

In the information age, where data represents one of the most valuable assets for any company, the ability to make informed decisions in real time has become crucial to business success. This is where Microsoft Power BI emerges as a fundamental tool, transforming the interaction of companies with their data and strategic decision making.


Unlocking business potential with Microsoft Power Apps

Automation and innovation within everyone's reach

Microsoft Power Apps offers a comprehensive solution for creating custom applications without advanced programming skills, boosting innovation and operational efficiency. In this blog we will explore the potential of the platform, its integration possibilities and practical use cases that illustrate its usefulness in improving business processes and agile adaptation in a constantly changing environment. 


Roadmap of Artificial Intelligence in Colombia

A look at the future with innovation

The "Roadmap for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Colombia" is crucial to ethically and sustainably guide the implementation of AI in the country. This initiative, aligned with the National Development Plan, highlights the need to promote an equitable and responsible knowledge society through ethics, education and intersectoral collaboration. Yeapp, committed to innovation, joins this initiative, offering comprehensive artificial intelligence solutions and committing to contribute to the technological and economic development of Colombia.


Agro 4.0: Perspective of AI in the Colombian agricultural sector

Digital transformation and sustainability

In February 2024, Yeapp developed the “Technical talk: Exploring advances in AI and cybersecurity for the agro sector”. In this blog we share memories of the event and explore how artificial intelligence is transforming agriculture in Colombia. From process optimization to early pest detection, AI offers innovative solutions that improve productivity and sustainability in the field. 


Introduction to ChatGPT

Practical tips to improve your prompts

Explore the origin of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool created by OpenAI that has transformed the way we interact online. Discover how it has evolved and put into practice the tips to have effective conversations with this innovative technology. 


The artificial intelligence revolution: beyond the uncertainty of unemployment

Generative AI challenges and predictions for 2024

Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence in 2023 and predictions for 2024: from the evolution of generative AI to ethical and regulatory challenges, this article analyzes the current and future landscape of artificial intelligence, highlighting its transformative potential in different sectors and its influence on society. 


Unlocking the power of data

A journey towards understanding data science

From data selection to prophetic vision of the future, from transforming raw data into works of art to ensuring informed and ethical decisions, each phase of our exploration highlights an essential component of data science.