Yeapp: An alliance based on trust and innovation


Two years of success and technological transformation

In August 2023, Yeapp celebrated two years of founding. Gabriel Rengifo, CTO and Co-Founder of Yeapp tells us about his career, how the company was born, the evolution that the company has had during these years and the vision and objectives for the future. 

Gabriel Rengifo: Driver of innovation in Cauca

Gabriel Rengifo, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder of Yeapp, is a prominent technology leader from in the beautiful department of Cauca, Colombia. His insatiable curiosity and passion for learning manifested itself from an early age, achieving advanced promotion in his training as an academic Bachelor and later, completing his studies in Systems Engineering at the University of Cauca. 

His constant search for knowledge led him to participate in programs such as Microsoft Student Partner, at the Nokia Institute of Technology (INDT) and at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In addition, he has participated and obtained recognition in hackathon programs worldwide, demonstrating his ability to solve complex problems and his ingenuity in the technological world.

One of the most notable facets of Gabriel's career is his role as an advisor and promoter of innovation in Cauca. Through his participation in the Technological Development Center (CreaTIC), he provided advice to more than 200 Cauca's ventures and companies. His objective was clear: to help adopt and execute innovation processes and technological sophistication programs. 

Beyond his outstanding career in technology, Gabriel is passionate about music, cycling, travel and recently triathlon, demonstrating his versatile spirit, challenging his limits and always with his mind set on achieving new goals.

Gabriel Rengifo CTO Yeapp
Gabriel Rengifo – CTO

Yeapp: Brilliant start towards business digital transformation

From the beginning, Gabriel dreamed of economic independence and the creation of his own company. His vision and determination materialized through the founding of Yeapp, when in August 2021, he received a momentous call from Constanza Martinez, CEO of Yeapdata, a Colombian company and one of the leading companies in ICT solutions in Latin America. Conny's goal was clear: find a reliable partner in the software industry to forge strategic alliances with Yeapdata. That perfect partner was Gabriel!  

Although the physical meeting was still pending, Gabriel's reputation and experience generated unwavering trust. Thus, in that same year, Yeapp was born in response to a shared dream: to continue promoting the digital transformation of companies throughout America and the entire world. And what better way to do it than by integrating technological solutions based on data analytics and artificial intelligence, which help companies better understand their data, make it profitable and make the most of it to make more informed and strategic decisions.

Guided by cutting-edge technologies and a team of exceptional human talent, we know that the future belongs to those who prioritize people over technology. Therefore, since the founding of Yeapp, our purpose "Humans over technology" is what drives us to create technological solutions that enrich everyone's lives, automating operational tasks and freeing up time for what really matters. We work tirelessly to improve the productivity and quality of life of our clients, collaborators and society in general. 

Equipo Yeapp Tadhack 2023
Yeapp team – Tadhack 2023

Evolution of Yeapp: Development and growth over the years

Since its first steps in 2021, Yeapp has witnessed constant evolution. Initially, we focused on software development projects and systems integration, working closely with Yeapdata and its strategic partners. The first major milestone came in the Banking and Finance sector, where Yeapp embarked on an ambitious project. Our mission was to improve the user experience and optimize the customer service process and ticket management in a help desk with a very high volume of cases. Additionally, the first product Yeapp Wrap, a data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tool, was launched. 

In 2022, Yeapp experienced rapid growth and embarked on data analytics and artificial intelligence projects in different sectors such as government, healthcare, services, retail and BPO. That year, Yeapp introduced two new products: Yeapp Go and Yeapp Do. These tools are designed to centralize and optimize service desk activities, a crucial area in many organizations.

Finally, during 2023, Yeapp has taken a step towards international expansion. Consolidating its presence in Colombia and extending its services to other Latin American countries. In addition, it has strengthened its product portfolio with the launch of Yeapp View, a powerful tool for creating data visualization dashboards, while strategic alliances have been established with technological leaders such as Microsoft and Bizagi.

Yeapp's journey throughout these early years has been a story of adaptability, innovation and constant growth. The company has overcome obstacles, embraced new technologies and expanded beyond borders, always with the goal of providing exceptional technological solutions and enriching people's lives.